Hi there!  I’m Alicia.
I’m a seasoned life coach who is passionate about helping women develop healthy relationships and live their best life!

I used to feel bad about who I was – or who I thought I was. I was tired of being busy yet unfulfilled. I sometimes felt stuck, overwhelmed and unsure how to move forward. I also struggled with self-doubt and self-sabotage.

You too?

As women, most of us think we’re somehow not good enough and look for ways to find relief from our pain; we numb ourselves with being busy, people-pleasing, excessive shopping, alcohol, etc. In addition, we’re often our own worst enemy and our self-talk is negative and critical; it includes things we’d never say to a friend or anyone else. 

Sadly, we fail to realize the damage we’re doing to ourselves. And, we’re not sure how to stop doing what we’ve always done.

What about you? How is your self-talk?

What do you say when you look at yourself in the mirror? Do you say, “Although I’m not perfect, parts of me are pretty awesome”? I’m guessing not!  

As women, OVER 75%of our self-talk is NEGATIVE and SELF-DEFEATING – but that can be changed.

             CONNECT.  DECLUTTER.  SOAR.


What would it feel like to become a happy and healthy woman; a woman who LIKES who she is, imperfections and all?

The Wholehearted Living program helps women declutter their relationships, gain clarity about their past, discover who they are, and gain the confidence to pursue what they really want. Maybe it’s your turn for lasting change that can help you live your best life – the one you’ve been waiting for.

In the Coaching  Program


  • With other women and learn that you’re not alone
  • With your true self – who has likely been neglected
  • With a life coach with nineteen years of experience
  • With your loving Father, God


  • Your relationship with yourself
  • Your relationship with cravings (cravings for confidence,  LIKES, food, a healthy body,  possessions, etc.)
  • Your relationship with God


  • With confidence from LIKING and valuing who you are
  • With newfound energy to do what matters most
  • With freedom to try new things
  • With peace from easily saying “no” without any guilt
  • With clarity about your purpose and passion
  • With the joy of a vibrant relationship with God


When I began the WL  program I was trying to balance a job I loved , motherhood, marriage, family, friendships and community work. I felt like I was giving 25% to what mattered to me and consequently, felt overwhelmed and empty. Through the weekly sessions I was able to process my past, which was an important part of my overall healing. Among other things, I learned to develop a healthy relationship with myself, and a deeper more meaningful relationship with God. I am eternally grateful for this decluttering program and the women with whom I was able to go on this journey of transformation. After completing this program I made a major life change and am excited about my future. Allison S.

The Wholehearted Living program gave me the safe space to connect with a small group of  women – and with myself, at a much deeper level. That empowered me to share parts of my life that I’d kept hidden for far too long, to discover the damage those things had been doing to me, and ultimately, to leave them behind. I learned how to drop guilt and shame and instead, to give myself grace and encouragement, as I so easily do for others. This life coaching program catapulted my healing process and I wouldn’t be where I am today without it. –Jennifer B.


Wholehearted Living changed my life. My husband and I had recently separated and I was lost. I had not been happy with our marriage for years, but the separation really rocked me. This program helped figure out who I was and what I needed. It taught me how to put my needs first and when I learned to take care of my heart the rest of my life fell into place.  My husband and I are back together and happier than ever. More importantly, I am happy with my life and those are words I would not have said before Alicia’s coaching program.        – Anne A.


The Wholehearted Living courses felt like a constant hug. The coaching sessions were full of grace, guided me to invaluable self-discovery and in the process, brought greater clarity about my life and my relationships. I am so glad I had the opportunity to add these simple but powerful tools to my emotional toolbelt early in my life. They continue to help me in my ever evolving journey of self-love. Just thinking about this program puts a smile on my face – full of gratitude for the experience. – Jackie H.

The Wholehearted Living program has given me tools to more fully love God, myself and others. The weekly assignments and coaching sessions helped me declutter my emotional baggage I had been carrying, allowing me to see myself as a dearly loved child of God! I was able to sort through wounds from my past relationships, which allowed me to forgive and move forward in a positive direction. I learned how to be a fan of myself, and I am so thankful to now be living wholeheartedly. – Jenny K.

After completing the life coaching program, previous clients found their voice and gained the confidence to get a more rewarding job, revive their marriages and pursue what they really wanted.

All it took was  making wholehearted connections – with themselves, other women and an experienced life coach – and ultimately, with God. I think you deserve nothing less.

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My life was like a staged production and it looked good to those viewing from their seats. However, behind the scenes it was a different story. It took me a while but I learned to declutter my emotional baggage and ultimately, to discover and embrace the role I’d been created for. Ironically, the role was taking the stage. (Who says God doesn’t have a sense of humor?).

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In my twentieth year of life coaching I felt it was time to pull back the curtain on my own story – the good, the bad and the ugly. In addition I wanted to share the simple  steps that have helped me and hundreds of other women to live with renewed confidence and joy. Isn’t it your turn to get rid of your emotional and spiritual clutter and start living your best life?


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