Living Wholeheartedly as Life Changes










Two yeas ago, I was pretty content with most of the relationships in my life, and believed that I was satisfying my requirements as a Christian.  However, after digging deeper, I discovered there was much more.

I discovered what it means to be more aware and complete; I discovered what it looks like to live in alignment with God’s purpose for my life.  I developed a greater sense of awareness in my relationship with myself and others, which was crucial for growth. Consequently, I am learning to give myself the grace God has given me all along.

My biggest takeaway from these three classes, is the freedom to confidently discern God’s plan for my life and to seek my validation from Him.  I have made several changes to my life to better align myself with God’s purpose for me, including two God-timed job transitions that were huge leaps of faith.

Also, I am able to better discern which comments and advice from others to take to heart. I now know that some people have not yet found a fullness in their relationship with God, and although well-meaning, these people’s advice  can actually be harmful.  However, instead of taking the hurt to heart, I am able to process it in a healthy way and then let it go.

I have had a lot of changes in my life since I finished the Wholehearted Living classes — getting married, moving,  a job transition, and now having a baby.  I made valuable friendships with the women in my WOW! group and we have remained well-connected.  The past year these women have helped me to stay focused on my purpose, holding me accountable – as I do for them.

Without a doubt, this program opened my eyes to God’s purpose and plan for my life.  Without the course I would not be in the place that I am, and living wholeheartedly through these life changes. – Erin