Good Friday and My Big Fat Greek Wedding


One of my most favorite movies is, “My Big Fat Greek Wedding.” Mainly because I had my own Greek wedding over 40 years ago and I can relate to many facets of the movie. One of my favorite lines is when aunt “Toula,” meets her niece’s fiancé and hears that he doesn’t eat meat. She’s shocked and says, “You don’t eat no meat? That’s okay. I fix you lamb!”  🙂

All kidding aside, Scripture tells us that Jesus was God’s chosen Lamb, slain for our sins. However, He wasn’t just any lamb. He was our sacrificial Passover Lamb. Only as we gain an in-depth understanding of Passover, can we fully appreciate what that means.

In the last of the plagues, the Israelites were to apply the blood of a lamb over the doorposts of their homes. Then, the angel of death would pass by their homes, and their lives would be In spared. This plague was a foreshadowing of what was to come; it foretold of Jesus’ crucifixion.

Christ’s body was sacrificed and then His blood was applied over the doorposts of our hearts. Hence, we too will be spared death and instead, have eternal life with God.

Each year, in preparation for Passover, a lamb was chosen and then penned and checked for any blemishes and if any were found, the lamb would be unacceptable for the Passover sacrifice. In exactly the same way, Jesus was tested for any blemish.

For three days the sages, Pharisees, Romans and others all tried to trick him; they were testing him for any sign of error. Jesus was found without any. He was the sinless, spotless Lamb that was slain as our Passover sacrifice.

Each year, as we celebrate Good Friday, may we focus on of what Jesus did for us. He was crucified and died for us. He redeemed us.

If you’re so inclined, I’d encourage you to dig a little deeper into God’s word and the seven biblical feasts and Holy days. If you do, you’ll likely discover the blessings of participating in them. You’ll also see that each one is an invitation to remember who Jesus was, what He did for us and what He’ll do for us in the future. (Exodus 11:1-12:36)

*This photo is of my own Greek wedding. On November 26, 1983, I married the love of my life, Ted. May he rest in peace until we’re reunited in Heaven.