(By: Alicia Economos)

Our big Greek family

knows how to have a good time

for holidays I write poems

and sometimes they rhyme.

Although I do some writing

keep your expectations low

I’m not trained as a poet

But I’ll give this a go

I met Ted at Iowa

before my junior year was to start

He was Hollywood handsome

But had a hometown heart

He’d often say we fit together

like a hand in glove

I couldn’t have found anyone,

more amazing to love

Ted was confident but humble

a man of Integrity

He was loving and kind

with a childlike curiosity


Ted could snap his fingers

louder than any one I knew

And he danced with more rhythm

and soul than most do

He was a Beta Theta Pi

and a big Hawkeye fan

He said his Beta brothers

made him a better man

As a father he was amazing

roughhousing with John or playing ball

Helping Kristin with mock trial

and liking show choir most of all

Ted enjoyed yard work,

fishing and barbecuing too

On his Big Green Egg

there was nothing he couldn’t do

His good looks led to modeling

in print ads and TV

Later, the voice of Bankers Trust

member FDIC

Married almost 37 years

he made me laugh every day

Encouraging and supporting me

in every possible way

When going to weddings together

or any other event

I’d say I’m the luckiest woman here

and every word of it, I meant


Despite battling his cancer

for three and a half years

He was always present and hopeful

overcoming his doubts and fears


His colleagues at Bankers Trust

were more like family to him

So work was a source of comfort

when things started to look grim

Often in the morning

when he was heading out the door

I’d say, “You’re my favorite person

-I only wished I’d said it more

That Monday afternoon,

hearing there was nothing more they could do

He first apologized

for all he’d put me through

I said I’d choose him all over again

as I kissed his dear face

I kept praying for a miracle

but that wasn’t the case

Over the last ten years

Ted’s faith had grown so deep

Hence, his passing was peaceful

though it still makes me weep


I’m confident God greeted him

saying, you lived a good life

Many people will miss you,

most especially your wife

What keeps me moving forward

is what we cannot see

Our faith in a Holy God

and the promise of eternity

Ted, I love you with all my heart

and I miss you every day

Yet I trust God’s plans

for they’re the best in every way

(August 23, 2022 – 2nd anniversary of Ted’s passing)