A Most Unlikely Reunion

A coaching client recently shared a significant transformation she had experienced.  Five years ago, she was preparing for her 30th high school reunion.  There was a lot of preparation involved:  she went on a vacation to Mexico to get some color, she had her hair colored, cut and professionally blown out, she spent a pretty penny on getting just the right dress, and two weeks before the reunion she went on a drastic diet– nearly starving herself!

Fast forward five years later, to just a few months ago.  This time, the preparation for her 35th reunion was a breeze.  No special hair appointment, no dress shopping necessary, nor any change in her normal eating plans.  In fact, just a day before the reunion, a good friend asked her what she was going to wear.  The reality was that she hadn’t given it a thought.  When the day came, she put on something from her everyday wardrobe, tossed her hair up into a ponytail and, pleased with her appearance, scooted out the door.

In sharing about the reunion, she said to me: “I d never had that kind of confidence and it was amazing!”


This is a beautiful, smart, compassionate and amazing woman – and five years ago she was all of those things and equally as incredible.  The thing that changed was what she believed about herself; having developed a healthy relationship with herself, she no longer had anything to prove – to herself or anyone else.  And that is what it means to live wholeheartedly.

As you develop a healthy relationship with yourself, you too can learn to love God, yourself and others with all your heart.  That means you can learn to like who you see in the mirror.