A Romantic Relationship Isn’t Required For a Good Valentine’s Day

This might be surprising, but despite losing my husband in August, I had a great Valentine’s Day. I hadn’t given it much thought ahead of time, partially because Ted and I didn’t make a big deal out of it.


However, I was touched beyond belief at the kindness that people demonstrated; they did things to ensure that I didn’t feel forgotten on what have been a very difficult holiday.


I was especially touched by my son showing up on the doorstep with my favorite hot drink (a Chai Latte  made with almond milk, only 1½ pumps of chai and extra hot), and a box of pecan turtle candies  – knowing they’re my favorite and that Ted had routinely given them to me.


I was also surprised by my daughter’s boyfriend, who not only brought her a dozen roses and a gift, but also brought me a beautiful bouquet of flowers.


Also, thanks to good friends who know that (because of Wholehearted Living), I enjoy items that are heart-shaped, I received the following: A heart-shaped box of Hershey kisses, a beautiful heart-shaped wooden spoon and some extra thoughtful cards and texts – all that incorporated hearts.


Most important of all, however, is that I felt God’s love; through my pastor’s passionate sermon online, through reading and studying God’s Word, and through the actions of those He prompted to reach out to me.


So no matter what your day included, my hope is that you’ll take time in the days ahead, to reflect on those who love you and how you can show love to others.


Never forget, however, that living and loving wholeheartedly starts with learning to love yourself. (Matthew 22:37-39)

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