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Wholehearted Living

I’d been contemplating what to share for this month’s Wholehearted Living blog.  Then, just this morning, I caught the opening of Kathie Lee and Hoda’s TV show.  In it, Kathie Lee gave the most heart-felt, eloquent tribute to her recently deceased husband, Frank Gifford.  Most importantly, she shared the forgiveness, grace and hope that are the foundation of the Christian faith.

Although Frank’s faith had always been important to him, she shared that after going to the Holy Land several years ago, it became even more important.  On that trip Frank picked up some stones from the very place where David had successfully fought Goliath.  As Kathie so eloquently stated, what was so incredible about the battle between David and Goliath wasn’t that a giant had been killed.  Instead, it was about the strong faith (by David) in the one true God; faith that the Living God, Creator of the entire universe, would give him the strength needed to fight this battle.

I thought it was very touching, to hear that upon their children’s graduations (one from high school and the other from college) Frank gave them each a stone.  With it, he asked them to throw their stone well, and make it count.  In other words, to use what God had given them to make this world a better place.

In closing, Kathie Lee posed the question:  What is your stone?  I, for one, was moved to tears at the thought of how badly I want to make my stone count for the glory of God.

So today I’m more determined than ever, to fulfill the vision God gave me 5 years ago:  To enthusiastically encourage women to find their lives in Him, by sharing the message of Wholehearted Living.

Today, I challenge you to ponder the “stone” God has given you, and how He would want you to put it into action.


– Alicia

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