An Unlikely But Good Reminder

Last week was an anniversary I didn’t want to celebrate; it marked 6 months since my husband passed away from pancreatic cancer.
The loss of Ted left a huge hole in my heart. With the added challenge of Covid isolation and the LOOOOOONG cold days of winter in Iowa, the past few months have been really, really hard.
So this week, in an effort to get back to a stronger and healthier body, I started riding a stationary bike. As I was doing a bike class, the instructor played the song, “Stand By Me.” My first thought was, “who can I stand by; who needs me to stand alongside them?”
While I pondered who those people might be, it hit me anew that I’d no longer have Ted standing by me – and he’d been the one standing by me for over 40 years. (Insert MANY tears here.)
Then it hit me, that God was the one singing those words – and He was singing to me. More tears flooded by face as I pondered how He’d always stood  by me, and that He always would.
More than ever, I’m beyond grateful for my relationship with God, and for the friends and family who continue to stand by me. I couldn’t do as well as I am, without each and every one of you.
*If you need someone to stand by you, please let me know – because no one should try to stand alone.

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