Are These Two Of Your Unwanted Friends?

Research shows that we are significantly influenced by the five people with whom we spend the most time.  Seems straightforward, but have you stopped to consider who those five people are for you?  Who do you spend the most time with on a regular basis?  Also, are those people having a positive influence on your life?

And with what 5 feelings do you spend most of your time?  In a matter of days, a week or a month, what feelings are most commonly showing up in your life?

Unfortunately, fear and worry are common feelings for many women.  Although fear and worry are often our companions, they do not make good friends!

If you find you’re spending a lot of time with these feelings, there’s a simple step to turn things around. 

 First, as with all feelings, you must validate them.  Identify your feelings and then give yourself permission to feel them.  Never forget that feelings are for feeling and not for fixing.  Give yourself, and others too, space in which to feel these feelings and don’t be too anxious to jump beyond them.

Picture a badly scraped knee with gravel embedded in it.  What it needs first is to be washed out.  Applying a Band-Aid too soon will be hurtful rather than helpful.  The same is true with feelings.  Give people the space to feel their feelings – and don’t forget to grant yourself the same courtesy!

Then, after validating your feelings, focus on what you want – as opposed to what you don’t want.  In other words, if you find yourself worrying and feeling afraid, make a positive statement that directly counters those feelings.  Scripture says it this way: “Do not be conformed to the patterns of this world.  Instead, be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”

Rather than focusing on fear and worry, renew your mind by stating something like this:

“I put my trust in You, Lord.  I am confident in You and your abilities.  I am at rest knowing You have the perfect provision for this situation.”

If you remain focused on trusting God, you’ll experience a growing sense of peace, confidence, and joy.  Then, fear and worry will only be visible in your rearview mirror.

If you want to live wholeheartedly, carefully choose who and what you spend your time with.