Are You Accountable For Yours?

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Would you describe yourself as “accountable?”  By definition, accountable means one that is required or responsible for justifying actions or decisions.  If you’re thinking that you show up on time, keep your word and do what is expected of you, you might consider yourself accountable.  However, are you accountable and when it comes to your own thoughts?  How do you justify the thoughts and actions you choose toward yourself?

Do you think you are not good enough, not smart enough or not pretty enough?  Do you realize you are in fact, responsible for those words?  Harsh, critical words leave a lasting hurtful impression on one’s heart.  And because your brain listens most intently to YOU, those are even more damaging.

When God created the earth and many of the things in it, He said that it was “good.”  But when He created each one of us He said “very good.”  Unfortunately, before too long, others began to judge us, according to their own “standards;” they viewed us through their own distorted lens and gave us the message we were somehow NOT good enough.  The really unfortunate thing is that we believed those messages to be true.  Each negative label that we took in was like a thick layer of cement over our true identity.  Eventually, those layers hardened; those beliefs became “set in stone.”  Now those beliefs are the very thing that  prevents us from connecting with our true selves.  When we look at ourselves we see the hard shell and think THAT is who we really are.

What might it be like to live without all those layers?  Can you even imagine how that would feel?  Aren’t you ready to to dismantle the layers that weigh you down and cause clutter in your life?

As you embrace your true identity (of “very good”) you will discover peace, confidence and joy -you’ll learn to live wholeheartedly!



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