Are You Asleep in the Wrong Bed?

Most likely you’re familiar with the story of Goldilocks and the three bears. Right?

To refresh your memory, Goldilocks was on a mission; she was searching for something. At one point in the story, she tested three beds; she found one to be “too soft,” another to be “too firm” and the third one to be “just right.’

Have you thought about the fact that we’re on a similar mission? The difference is that we’re searching for something else – although we often don’t know what that is. Beneath all of our searching, there’s just one thing that feeds every other area of our lives – and that’s our relationship with ourselves.

Many people find themselves asleep in the bed of “not enough;” they’ve been led to believe that they’re somehow not smart enough, not attractive enough, not athletic enough, not big enough, not small enough…and the list goes on and on.

Other people spend years in the bed of “too much;” they’ve been led to believe that they’re too loud, too energetic, too bold, too talkative…and again, the list is long.

Or maybe, like me, you’ve spent years hopping back and forth between those two beds! (And at times, if I’m not intentional, I find myself slipping back under the covers of those beds.)

It’s fairly common to keep changing the sheets, in an attempt to get a “good night’s rest; we try all sorts of things to deal with our habits that provide results were not happy with.

However, that will never solve the problem. Instead, we can learn to wake up after a good night’s rest in the bed that’s “just right.” As we sift through what we’ve been led to believe about ourselves, we can learn to shed the lies and embrace the truth; we can find our true identity.

The truth is God created each one of us exactly as He desired; He created each one of us with our unique personalities, strengths, weaknesses, talents, idiosyncrasies and more. And with all our imperfections, he loves us exactly as we are. Can you say the same? Do you love the man or woman God created IN YOU?

Discovering your true identity is not an overnight job; it takes time because we’ve been “asleep” for far too long. However, what if you learned to wake up and build the life you’ve dreamed of? As you dig into your past you’ll be empowered to build a better future. It’s a lot like finding the bed that’s “just right’ for you – and you’ll undoubtedly sleep much better!