Are You Aware of Your Olympic Results?

Millions of people are currently watching the Olympic games. However, due to Covid concerns, the games look different than ever before.

Nonetheless, there’s something that’s consistent among all the events; some of the athletes aren’t getting the results they’ve hoped for.

I can certainly relate. Can you?

The truth is we’ve all experienced disappointing results. How we handle our disappointments, however, is crucial to our mental health – and something most Olympic athletes have learned.

To process your disappointments  (so that you’re not sidelined), do the following:

  1. Validate your feelings; give yourself permission to feel them without any shame or guilt.
  2. Express understanding, compassion and grace to yourself, as you’d do for a good friend.
  3. Learn to become a supportive and affirming caretaker of yourself. (That’s the equivalent of winning a gold medal.) How can you celebrate the valuable woman that God created IN YOU – not for your accomplishments but simply for who you are?  How can you become your greatest source of encouragement?

Learning to handle our disappointments in a healthy and productive way is a key to getting Olympic results.

*Photo by Sharon Herald

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