Are You Like James?


This adorable bundle of joy is my great nephew. And as if you can’t tell, he’s VERY flexible. I mean can you even imagine putting your toes in your mouth?!!!


For two reasons, this picture is in my phone as one of my “favorites.” First, his beautiful eyes make me smile, and second, it’s a great reminder of a simple truth; we can make plans but we must hold on to them with a fairly loose grip. In other words, we must be flexible.


Let’s face it, who could’ve guessed what 2020 involved – and thus far, 2021? In my wildest dreams, I’d never planned for how I’d handle the isolation from Covid restrictions, the death of my husband, and some health issues of my own. And that’s all been really, really hard.


AND…at the same time, there is good news – and it comes from God’s Word; we can make plans but we must trust God to orchestrate our steps.(Proverbs 16:9)


Personally, somedays that’s easier than others. Yet, when I find myself trying to hold firmly to my plans, I remind myself of this one simple truth: God’s plans are far better than anything I could ever imagine; He has unlimited resources and He wants nothing but the very best for me – and for you too.


So today, once again, I choose to be flexible. I choose to “let go and let God.” Will you join me?


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