Are You Loving Halfheartedly?

Alicia & TedFebruary is the month in which we celebrate love; valentines, chocolates and hearts are all symbols of love.  But how well do you demonstrate love?  –Not just to those you deem “lovable,” but to everyone…including yourself?

The message of Matthew 22:39 is very clear; love your neighbor as yourself.  The assumption is that you do in fact love yourself –not in a prideful, puffed up kind of way, but in a confident and yet humble way.

Think about it like this; imagine that you wanted to show admiration and love to a famous painter.  The natural thing would be to gaze at the painter’s creations and voice your admiration for his or her masterpiece.  Can you imagine viewing the prized painting and criticizing it, saying, “You should have made that part a different color, and I don’t like the curvy part there”?  Of course not!  Yet, isn’t that what you do when you look in the mirror and criticize your reflection?

To love yourself (and show appreciation to your Creator, God) start by changing your thoughts; get rid of the shaming, harsh and critic thoughts you give yourself.  Become intentional about providing affirming, encouraging and wholehearted thoughts.  In other words, start loving and liking the incredible woman that God created in YOU.  God’s message is clear; love God, yourself and others wholeheartedly.

-Alicia Economos, Author, Speaker and Founder and Director of WOW! Wholehearted Living