Are You Ready to Flip?

One of my good friends, in addition to a big full-time job, has a side business of flipping houses. What’s surprising, is that she often moves into her next “fixer-upper” and lives there while the work is being done.  Then, when it’s finished, she sells it and moves on to her next temporary home.

To be able to move as frequently as she does, she’s had to learn to whittle down her possessions.  When I recently helped her to move, I realized  the peace she has – largely from having fewer possessions.

What about you?  If you looked at all the stuff you’ve accumulated, would you shudder to think of moving?  If so, consider tricking yourself as a way to declutter. 

Pick a date and circle it on your calendar.  Then, take action as if that’s moving day; sort through all your belongings and get rid of anything that isn’t necessary or deeply meaningful to you.  Then, organize and possibly label everything you choose to keep.

As you declutter and maintain fewer possessions, you’ll have less stress and find it easier to relax in your home or living space.  Also, you’ll be able to flip houses – should you decide to do so.