Are You Ready to Hear “You’re Fired”?


Are you fairly nice to other people –at least to your family and friends?  What about to those with whom you disagree (maybe certain politicians, neighbors or others)?  And, how do you treat yourself?  When you make a mistake or say something you later regret, are you nice to yourself?  What do you say to yourself?

Sadly, most of us are our own worst critic and harshest enemy.  We feed ourselves an endless supply of negative, critical and self-defeating thoughts, not realizing the damage they cause.

God’s Word says we have a job, and that’s to guard our hearts (Proverbs 4:23).  He goes on to say the reason we’re to do so –because one’s heart is the wellspring of life.  In other words, you can’t live wholeheartedly if you don’t’ guard your heart.

What does an effective guard do?  A healthy guard keeps bad things out (like negative self-talk), and allows good things in (like words that build you up).

Take some time today, to guard your heart.  Be good to yourself.  Work on liking and loving yourself; provide positive and encouraging self-talk –the same as you would to a good friend.

Instead of being a critic, learn to become your greatest fan.  To do so, is the best investment you’ll ever make!  It’s free and the benefits are unlimited.  Plus, instead of being fired, you’ll get a bonus –a  healthier relationship with yourself, which leads to healthier relationships with others.

 – Alicia Economos

Founder and Director of WOW! Wholehearted Living

Helping women to discover (and celebrate) the incredible woman God created in YOU!