Are You Taking Advantage of This Second Chance?


No matter her age, a daughter’s need for her mother is designed by God and continues throughout her life. But the need changes as she grows and matures.

As a little girl, we repeatedly said things like, “Mom, watch me!” As we grew up, we no longer needed our mom’s approval for every little thing we said or did.

Many people, though, didn’t have the mother they’d hoped for: one who was always there for them, who me

t their needs completely and perfectly, and loved them unconditionally. The truth is, that kind of mother doesn’t exist.

The only perfect parent is God, and therefore, in parenting, all parents fall short in some way.

I once heard it said, “Everyone gets two childhoods, but how you live the second one is up to you.” I think there’s a lot of truth in that statement! To develop and maintain a healthy relationship with yourself, you’ll need to take over the parenting of that little girl within you – the most authentic YOU.

And the good news, is you’re perfectly able to do so.

God’s Word provides the guidance we need: “Love your neighbor AS yourself.” (Matthew 22:37) Also, “Guard your heart for it’s the wellspring of life.” (Proverbs 4:23)

If we connect with our truest selves and learn to be kind and encouraging to ourselves, we’ll provide the approval we’ve been seeking elsewhere.

Maybe this quarantine is the perfect time to start that process; to connect with yourself on a heart level and begin to parent yourself through your second childhood. Fortunately, that’s part of living wholeheartedly.



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