Be Careful Where You Place Your Hand

When my kids were little I loved holding their hand, partially because I believed I could keep them safe; if their hand was firmly in mine it gave me a sense of control.

Today they’re adults and as much as I want to, I can no longer keep them safe. And as a mom, that can be really hard.

When they experience pain, mild disappointments or heart-breaking losses, my heart aches right along with theirs. If given a chance, I’d do ANYTHING to alleviate their suffering.

Do you know that God feels the same way about YOU? It’s true. God loves you, wants nothing but the best for you and doesn’t enjoy seeing you suffer. At the same time, however, the BEST of this life often involves a bit of suffering.

Understandably, when we suffer it can be challenging to let go of our PERCEIVED control and put our trust in God. Yet, it’s the wisest thing we can do. After all, who better to respond to life’s challenges, than the One who sees it all and has unlimited resources from which to provide accordingly?

Ultimately, what can help you to leave things up to God, is the knowledge that you (and your children) are in good hands, for they’re HIS! (1st Peter 5:7)