Better Than Chocolates or Roses

Valentine’s Day is just two weeks away and for many, it can be difficult; for some people it brings to mind the loss of a loved one, for others it’s the reminder of frustration from a relationship that’s floundering, and for others it brings to mind the longing for a relationship yet to come.


Regardless of your current status, however, the most important relationship to focus on is the one with yourself. No need to buy a dozen roses or chocolates or any other materialistic gift; instead, the gift you must learn to give yourself is self-acceptance (and eventually…even CELEBRATING who you are).


To do so, you must learn to forgive yourself for past mistakes, let go of guilt and shame and provide understanding and compassion. You must also get in touch with what you’re thinking, feeling, wanting and needing – and then to speak up for those things. In addition, you must learn to provide affirmations and encouragement – for those are essential for ANY meaningful relationship.


The bottom line is that your relationship with yourself – how you treat yourself day in and day out – is the foundation for ALL your other relationships. So this Valentine’s Day, every time you see a heart, let it remind you to love yourself. THAT’S the first step to loving God and others with all your heart. (Matthew 22:37-39)