Can You Hear Me Now?


You’ve likely seen the Verizon commercial where a man on his cell phone asks:  “Can you hear me now?”  Have you ever thought about the fact that God is asking you the same question?

Do you regularly hear God?  If not, an old expression comes to mind: “You need to get your ears cleaned out.”  In case that is an expression that is new to you, it was used to insinuate that one was not listening well or was misunderstanding.  Periodically, each one of us needs to get our spiritual ears “cleaned out.”  We must remove anything that inhibits our hearing from God.

Your ability to hear God is much like a muscle in your body.  Maybe you’re not yet aware of that “muscle.”  If not, that might be the first step to take.  Start becoming aware of your capacity to hear God.  Next, begin to use that muscle, even though at first it might be weak and feel a bit awkward.  Eventually, with repeated use, it will become stronger and feel more natural.  The same is true with your ability to hear God.

Hearing God can happen in a variety of ways: audibly; in His Word (the Bible); through music; other people’s words; through nature, etc.  I used to say, “I want to hear from God but He will have to send me an email or I will likely miss it.”  How sad, but that was what I believed at the time.  Actually, deep inside I doubted that He would take the time to talk to me.  But I was wrong.

Throughout the Bible God’s word indicates that He speaks to us.  For example, John 10:27 says, “My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.”  If He wasn’t talking, we wouldn’t be able to listen and follow Him.

So what is your response to His question, “Can you hear me now?”  Maybe it’s time to get your ears cleaned out.

-Alicia Economos


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