Your Relationship with Yourself and Your Past 2023/2024

Learn to love and LIKE who you really are. Participate in this simple, but effective decluttering program from the comfort and convenience of your own home; no travel required!  Access the materials online and then meet with your certified heart coach through weekly Zoom sessions.  Solo or small group options available. Get access to all of the following :

  • Weekly reading material
  • Teaching videos
  • 8 coaching sessions
  • Follow up assignments – customized by your heart coach to eliminate your specific type of clutter

“I experienced more freedom from this program, than from years of counseling.  Who knew such a simple process would have such an incredible impact on my life?” —Leslie

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    Module 1 Becoming a Fan
    Unit 1 Instructions
    Module 2 Your Relationship with Your Father
    Unit 1 Instructions
    Module 3 Your Relationship with Your Mother
    Unit 1 Instructions
    Module 4 Gifts and Garbage
    Unit 1 Instructions
    Module 5 Your Heart History
    Unit 1 Instructions
    Module 6 The Intensive Care Unit
    Unit 1 Instructions
    Module 7 Needs and Boundaries
    Unit 1 Instructions
    Module 8 Heart Healthy Behaviors
    There are no units in this module.
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