Deadlier Than The Coronavirus

I think it’s wise that we’re paying attention to the coronavirus and doing whatever we can to stop it from spreading. All the precautions are really important and hopefully we’ll make wise decisions about how to move forward.

As you know, the symptoms that are being checked are a fever, dry cough and shortness of breath. However, I’ve been thinking about the fact that there’s something more deadly than the corona virus. And there’s no need to check for symptoms because we all have it.

It’s our sinful nature.

I realize that although we’ve not yet found a cure for the corona virus there IS a cure for our sinful condition. And at the risk of sounding like the church lady (Dana Carvey’s old character on Saturday Night Live) the cure is Jesus. He paid the price for our fatal condition by being crucified on the cross. (Romans 5:8, Romans 6:23) Unfortunately, it took me decades to learn that and apply it in my own life.

Eventually, through studying the Bible, I learned that we’re to be prepared for our future because none of us know the number of days we have remaining on earth. (Mathew 24:44) However, that’s no reason to hoard toilet paper! 🙂

My own grandmother lived to be 105, yet no matter how long we may live it’s a microscopic portion of Eternity, and that’s a LOOOOOOOOOONG time! What’s undeniable, is that each day we’re closer to the end.

Knowing that, I’ve been pondering the idea of the difference in receiving a cure for something that would otherwise cause us pain and suffering for a day, or for 100 years. The difference between the coronavirus and Eternity is so much greater.

So today, if you’ve not already done so, put your faith in Jesus – ask Him to be your Lord AND Savior; trust Him and experience God’s very best – peace and joy for now and for Eternity. (Romans 10:13, Romans 8:18, Jeremiah 29:11)

-Alicia Economos (Author of the book: Taking The Stage)…/…/ref=sr_1_1…