Do You Keep Your Word? Promise?

Do you consider yourself a person of integrity? Do you DO what you say you’ll do?

This is a picture of me (sandwiched between my two tall nieces), along with my sister and my daughter. When I give my word to any of them, I do whatever it takes to follow through. I’d guess you do the same for your family and close friends.

In some of my recent coaching sessions, women shared they rarely (if ever) break a promise to a friend, coworker or others. Yet they admitted how easily they break the promises they make to themselves.

For example, several shared that they promise themselves they’ll get up early to exercise. However, even with the best of intentions, when their alarm goes off, they quickly hit the snooze button and ditch their plans.

Others shared that they promise themselves that they’ll no longer remain silent in the midst of gossip. However, when they inevitably find themselves in those situations, they struggle to speak up.

Still another, shared about a relationship in which she has felt taken for granted and disrespected. She recognizes how hurtful and energy-draining the relationship has become, and promises herself that she’ll put an end to it. However, she repeatedly backs down and wastes more time and energy on the relationship.

Can you relate to any of those situations? I certainly can.

With a lot of work, I’ve become better at keeping the promises I make to myself. It hasn’t been easy, but with practice, I’ve learned to keep my word with myself – and you can too!

The secret is to get to know who you really are; get to know the incredible woman that God created in YOU!

When you value something, you handle it with care. Do you realize that you’re invaluable, and no one could ever take your place? It’s true!

When YOU value yourself, you can learn to keep your word – I promise.