Do You Spell Relief Like I Do?

How often do you worry?  Are you often anxious or fearful? If so, you’re not alone.  Statistically, over 25% of our population deals with worry and anxiety in a significant way.

However, there’s a difference between occasionally worrying, and thinking you’re a “worrier.”  If you think God created “a worrier” as part of your identity, you’re likely holding onto a false identity.

John 10:10 states, “The thief comes to steal and destroy.”  But we know that the Lord came to give life –abundant life!  So how does worry fit into living an abundant or wholehearted life?  It doesn’t.

A life filled with worry indicates a lack of trust.  To live wholeheartedly, we must acknowledge our fears, but then put them aside.  Rather than focusing on our fears, we must focus on our faith.

Imagine for a minute, that your dad owned the Nike factory.  How much time would you spend worrying about where your next pair of tennis shoes would come from?  None, right?  You would be confident that your dad would provide what you needed.

Do you know that the same principle applies to God?  He is the creator of every resource you will ever need.  Nothing you face is a surprise to Him, nor is it a problem for Him.  And, He wants nothing but the very best for you.  If you believe all of that, as I do, then when faced with life’s challenges you can more easily find relief -spelled T-R-U-S-T.  In God alone, I put my trust.

–  Alicia Economos

Author, Speaker and Heart Coach

Founder and Director of “Wholehearted Living”