God Rules Our Nation

img_3742Election Day has come and gone!!   The frustration, controversy, negativity and scandal is finally OVER! Can I get a “HALLELUJAH”?!

How did you cope?  How did you make it through this lengthy political season?

Maybe you turned off the news.   Did you mute political commercials?  Perhaps you stayed off Facebook and Twitter.  Did you bite your tongue around friends and family?  Did you pray for the state of our great country?

As you know, it was an EXHAUSTING election season.  It seemed never-ending, with one thing after another happening that shed negative light on BOTH candidates.

Maybe your candidate won.  Maybe your candidate lost.  Maybe you didn’t even have a candidate.  No matter what side of the coin you were hoping for, I think we are all VICTORIOUS, because we have a God who always wins We have a God we can trust, in spite of everything going on in our world today.

In this midst of distress and turbulence, our God remains stable. 

In the midst of chaos and disagreement, our God remains strong. 

In the midst of change and pandemonium, our God is always constant.

Instead of falling into an abyss of worry, anguish and fear about what may happen to our nation with our new leader, I urge you to pray for them.  Just as God works through each and every one of us, He is working through the new President of the United States.  Pray for our country and our country’s leadership just as you would pray for a friend.

Proverbs 21:1 states “The king’s heart is like a stream of water directed by the Lord; He guides it wherever he pleases.”   No matter who came out on top in this year’s election, I hope you can find comfort and peace in knowing God is still in controlGod still reigns on His throneGod is our king. 

  • Written by Teri Deardorff (a Wholehearted Living alum)