Have You Overlooked This Privilege?


What are the biggest challenges you’ve faced?  How have you suffered – with pain, distress or hardships?

I don’t know about you, but when I look at the suffering many have had to endure, I consider myself very fortunate.  However, no one is exempt from suffering.

God’s Word says that we’ve been given the privilege of suffering for Christ.  (Philippians 1:29) That might seem like an odd concept since the word “privilege” is defined as “a benefit” or “an opportunity to bring satisfaction or enjoyment.”

Most of us probably haven’t seen our suffering as a benefit that’s enjoyable!  However, it’s no accident that the same verse says we’ve also been given the privilege of trusting in God.

When we put our trust in God we can let go of our fears and worries, which is definitely a benefit.  Our suffering can also provide a benefit; it’s in our suffering that we often draw closer to God – which is one of the greatest privileges we have.

In addition, knowing that God can use our suffering for good, allows us not to get overwhelmed by our present circumstances.  Instead, even in the midst of our suffering, we can look towards the future with confidence and joy.

I believe our suffering and our ability to trust in God are the perfect gifts any of us can receive.  Plus, you’ll never have to exchange gifts from God because they’re always a perfect fit! J

  • Alicia Economos (Author, speaker and certified heart coach for Wholehearted Living)