How To Stop Damaging Your Relationships This Christmas

You’ve heard the expression “I’m all ears,” right? But have you stopped to consider the wisdom in it, that we need to focus more on listening and less on talking?
It’s certainly not a coincidence that we’re created with TWO ears and only ONE mouth. In addition, God’s Word says, “Be slow to speak and quick to listen.”
I’ve found that many people – and I definitely include myself in this category – have it backwards; we’re often quick to speak and slow to listen. As a result, we can unintentionally make others feel unimportant or somehow “less than,” which damages any relationship.
However, this isn’t meant to become another chance to berate ourselves and feel bad about our behavior. Instead, it’s an opportunity to realign ourselves with this God-given principle.
Asking questions and listening to others – with genuine interest in THEM and what’s going on in THEIR world – is a great way to build connections with others. It can make them feel seen, heard and valued – and isn’t that what we all want?
This Christmas let’s stop damaging our relationships and instead, seek first to listen and understand. Doing so, might be the best gift you could give your loved ones. Also, it’ll be good for your budget, as it won’t cost a thing!