Is Your Memory Bad?

What first comes to mind when you think of a butterfly?  Do you envision an insect with colorful wings that flies?


Sure.  Butterflies are created with the ability to fly.  However, before they can fly, there’s something important they have to do.  And that’s what we often forget.


Although a butterfly starts out in a comfortable cocoon, it can’t stay there.  To experience flying, a butterfly has to gain strength, and it does so by struggling to break free from the cocoon.  If anything interferes with the struggle, the butterfly won’t be strong enough to fly.


I believe the same is true for each of us; we too must fight to gain the strength we need to soar. 


Much like being in a cocoon, we tend to get comfortable with our circumstances and then when challenges arise, we often see them as problems.  However, if we keep the butterfly in mind, we can approach them as opportunities.


Knowing that our challenges can produce the strength we need, we can give thanks for them; we can embrace our challenges with the hope of soaring high.  (Romans 5:4)


  • Alicia Economos


Opportunity for Reflection:  What’s a challenge you’ve faced that in hindsight, you can see it provided strength for you to soar?