Is Yours Normal?

Many people have some sort of tradition or specific way in which they celebrate Thanksgiving. How about you? What do you consider “normal” when it comes to celebrating this holiday?

Maybe your holiday includes cooking and cleaning for a large gathering with family and friends. Maybe you eat Thanksgiving dinner at a restaurant, with others or by yourself. Maybe this is the first holiday with your husband or son serving abroad. There are countless scenarios. However, no matter what your holiday may or may not involve, I want to encourage you to embrace it.

Unfortunately, many people have high hopes for a great holiday but find their reality is less than fulfilling. Then, making things even worse, they assume that others have a perfect family celebration -much like a Norman Rockwell painting. You know the one: Grandma holding a perfectly cooked, golden brown turkey; the parents and kids joyfully interacting with one another; and everyone having a smile on their face. The truth is …THAT kind of holiday isn’t normal.

I once heard Wynonna Judd say, “Normal, is just a setting on the washing machine.” There is a lot of truth in her statement. When it comes to families and holidays, maybe there IS no “normal.”

This Thanksgiving, whether you’re with your family, friends or alone, try to appreciate your “abnormal” situation; choose to be thankful for what you DO have.

“God bless you” on this holiday, and throughout the coming year. May you find many things for which to be grateful, and give thanks.



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