It’s Okay (Not) To Be Okay

In the midst of our current challenges, it’s important that we take time to process them. To do so, I’ve found it helpful to make two lists; first, a list of my frustrations or disappointments (the areas of my life which I’m not okay with or lack inner peace), and then a second list of all the areas in which I am okay. Maybe a similar approach can be helpful or encouraging for you.


Currently, I’m not okay with:

  • The loss of my husband (Ted), who was the most kind, thoughtful, reliable, faith-filled, encouraging, fun and most handsome man I’d ever known. I’m experiencing the pain of his absence every day, and also grieving the loss of my dream of growing old together.
  • The nastiness of our current political climate, the fact that racism still exists in our country, and the polarizing approaches to deal with the Corona virus pandemic


I’m more than okay with:

  • The joy I’m experiencing, knowing Ted had a great quality of life, especially the past three years, despite his stage 4 pancreatic cancer diagnosis. I’m confident he’s in Heaven, cancer-free and making others feel heard and valued (like he did to everyone here).
  • Having had respectful conversations with people I greatly admire, and then casting my vote with a peace-of-mind
  • Actively doing what I can to be part of the solution, rather than continuing to be ignorant of all the ways racism is embedded into our society
  • Showing care and concern for the good of everyone, and therefore, wearing a face mask and keeping socially distanced, to help minimize the spread of the Coronavirus in our community
  • The joy of watching God open doors to share the Wholehearted Living program with many other women in our community – and the ability to wait as He continues to orchestrate each step in HIS perfect timing (Jeremiah 29:13)
  • The unconditional love of my mini goldendoodle, Mabel, who’s the ideal companion to cuddle up with
  • Being able to participate in a great Bible Study with mature Believers who I love and respect
  • The progress I’m making with decluttering our home and am enjoying giving items to others
  • Writing again, and actively working on the sequel to my first book, “Taking the Stage.”
  • My unbelievably thoughtful and generous family and great friends, who continue to reach out to help me keep moving forward
  • The faith God has given me to trust that He has a plan and a purpose for the rest of my life – and that it’ll be good, whatever it may involve (Jeremiah 29:11)
  • Knowing I’ll dance again with Ted in Heaven – and not just for 37 years of marriage, but for Eternity


What about you? What do your lists include?

God’s Word says that what we focus on expands (Galatians 6:7-10 ). Therefore, we’re wise to  acknowledge the good and bad of our current reality, and then intentionally focus on the good – the numerous blessings God provides every single day.

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