Meghan Markle’s Wedding and What It Can Mean for You


I’ve been infatuated with the royal family for decades.  I distinctly remember (in 1981), getting up at the crack of dawn to watch Lady Dianna and Prince Charles’ wedding.  I thought Lady Dianna was gorgeous and I loved her dress.  In fact, two years later, the sleeves of my own wedding dress (pictured above) were made to resemble the voluminous sleeves of her dress.


Now, this year, along with several other million people, I watched Megan Markle and Prince Harry’s wedding.  Ever since the coverage of their nuptials on May 19th, people have been commenting on Meghan’s appearance.


Some say she should have had a more elaborate or fancy dress, believing the one she chose was too simple and plain.  Others thought the simplicity was beautiful and classy.


Many people commented on her hair; some thought it was great since it reflected her natural and simple beauty.  Still, others thought it was too casual and that it should have been a more elaborate style for such an important event.


Personally, I thought Meghan looked beautiful.  However, I hope that neither my opinion nor anyone else’s affects her.  I hope she has developed an inner confidence and peace, so she can ignore other peoples’ opinions of how she looks.


Sadly, Lady Dianna never seemed to find that confidence and peace. Even though she was a remarkably compassionate and beautiful woman, she never saw herself that way.  Instead, her unhappiness with herself produced insecurity and anxiety.  And, unfortunately, her insecurities were greatly magnified by being in the spotlight.


Although it looks promising, it’s too soon to say whether Meghan has learned to LIKE who she is or not.  However, the truth applies to all of us.  Until we discover our true identity in Christ, we’ll flounder.  As a result, we’ll be overly critical of ourselves and then look to others for approval.

When you embrace your true identity (the incredible woman that God created in YOU), you’ll be less impacted by the opinions of others; it’s like having spiritual Teflon – where others’ comments no longer stick.


Whether you’re someone famous who lives in the spotlight or someone who has a much smaller audience, I hope you come to know the truth:  You are fearfully and wonderfully made, and you are God’s masterpiece. (Psalm 139:14)


That knowledge is the first step to living wholeheartedly (loving God, yourself and others with ALL your heart).

P.S.  Special thanks to a recent “Wholehearted Living” graduate, Drea, for providing the idea for this message.