Your Relationship with God


Most of us have some faulty beliefs about God; who He is, what He thinks about us and what He desires for our lives.  Those faulty beliefs then contaminate our attempts at a personal, meaningful relationship with Him.  They lead us to behave as if He is too busy, disinterested or disappointed to become involved with us. 

In Your Relationship with God you will learn to get rid of anything that prohibits a dynamic relationship with Him.  Through this personal and practical decluttering process, you will:  

    • Come to know Jesus for who He really is, not who you think He is 
    • Experience the power of the Kingdom of God, in your daily life 
    • Draw closer to God than you could ever imagine

As you learn to know God, love God and obey God with all your heart, you will discover the fruit of living in intimate union with Him.  The results is inner peace and confidence; knowing you have nothing to hide, nothing to fear, nothing to prove and nothing to lose.



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