Your Relationship with Yourself and Your Past


Your Relationship with Yourself:

In this class you will learn how to declutter (to get rid of the emotional stuff that prevents a healthy, vibrant and fulfilling life.) Through this self-discovery course you’ll learn how to:

  • Drop guilt and shame from your past
  • Embrace and process your feelings
  • Lose your biggest critic and discover your greatest fan

As you learn to love, like and value yourself, you’ll experience greater peace, confidence and joy. You’ll see your relationship with yourself positively impacting all your other relationships. positively impacting all your other relationships. We want YOU to be included in this decluttering journey so you too, can live wholeheartedly.

Online, live format (small group coaching sessions)

This is the ideal opportunity to process your life with others –others with whom you have more in common than you might think. Meet from the comfort of your own home – no travel required! Develop meaningful relationships unlike ever before.

I experienced more freedom from this program than from years of counseling. Who knew such a simple process would have such an incredible impact on my life?

Get access to all the following:

  • Weekly Reading Material
  • Weekly audio file
  • Weekly personalized written assignments
  • Weekly small group coaching sessions
  • Follow up assignments – customized by your personal heart coach, to eliminate your specific type of clutter
  • Course Evaluation
  • Additional bonus gifts

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