Recipe – Part 3

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The recipe for Wholehearted Living involves three ingredients.  As stated in previous articles, if we were making a pizza, the crust would be “your relationship with yourself.”  The things you put on top would be “your relationship with stuff.”  Now, the cheese (what melts over everything and holds it all together) would be “your relationship with God.“

In preparation to work with this third ingredient, you’ll need to start with an assessment.  Consider how your relationship with God was established, and what has happened since that time.  What are the highs and lows of this relationship?  Has it continued to grow or has it become stale and stagnant.

Next comes sifting.  You’ll need to sift through your beliefs; those about who God is, how He feels about you and what He wants for your life.  Then determine how each belief is affecting your life.  Is it releasing toxins and contaminating the recipe, or is it enhancing the flavor and working well with the other ingredients?

For example, do you think of God as a harsh judge, or as a loving Father who holds you in His arms?  Do you believe He is disappointed with you, or that He delights in you?

The next step is to look at how you interact with God.  Are you comfortable talking with Him, listening to Him and being quiet with Him?  Do you make your own rules or do you obey the guidelines God has provided?  Do you act as if He is making your life miserable or that He is actively working on your behalf?

As you learn to know God, love God and obey God, you will discover the joy of being in a vibrant relationship with Him.  You’ll realize that NOTHING could be more fulfilling.  Remember that practicing with each of these ingredients is the only way to master them.

Enjoy the recipe for Wholehearted Living, and then share it with your family and friends.

– Alicia

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