Say “Good-Bye” to These 50 and More

We all have clutter. However, what we sometimes fail to realize, is the price we pay for ignoring our clutter. Clutter can cost us time, energy and money. It can also prevent us from living wholeheartedly.

However, there’s a very simple solution to the problem, which is to declutter. To declutter means to get rid of the “stuff” that weighs us down and causes resistance to the life we desire.

I’d like to invite you to join us for a 4-week decluttering challenge, STARTING TODAY. Declutter one area of your home and/or office every day. Schedule as little as 10 minutes to declutter a specific area. Then, follow our decluttering challenge on Facebook (WOW! Wholehearted Living).

2016 is a great time to say “good-bye” to the clutter and “hello” to new possibilities!

Listed below, are 50 things you could choose to get rid of.

  • Outdated makeup
  • Expired medicine and sunscreen
  • All hair products that you don’t use
  • Nail polish that is dried up or a color you no longer wear
  • Unused or damaged curling irons and hair dryers
  • Clothes that don’t fit well or enhance your appearance
  • Clothes that have stubborn stains
  • Undergarments that are no longer appealing
  • Hangers from the dry cleaners
  • Socks with holes or without mates
  • Shoes or boots that are worn out or uncomfortable
  • Scarves you no longer wear
  • Old purses or luggage
  • Workout clothes that aren’t motivating to wear (worn out, don’t fit, faded)
  • Jewelry that is damaged or no longer worn
  • Unnecessary papers
  • Unused wrapping papers or gift bags that are mangled
  • Magazines and catalogs (Consider tearing out recipes or articles of interest and putting them in a file)
  • Books that you’ve read (or will never read) that could bless someone else
  • Old technology – printers, keyboards, Tube TVS, old remotes, etc.
  • Unused office supplies (rubber bands, thumbtacks pencils, non working pens or markers)
  • Business cards (Keep contacts of importance in your phone)
  • Craft or hobby supplies that you’ve not used for a year or longer
  • Unlabeled keys
  • Printed instruction manuals (Go online for this)
  • Food that has expired
  • Dishes or glasses that are chipped
  • Extra coffee mugs or thermoses
  • Old ice cubes (aren’t some of them months old?)
  • Damaged cooking utensils
  • Broken or unused toys (those for children or pets)
  • Plaques or awards that have lost their significance at this point in your life
  • Old photos that are out of focus, too dark and unfixable
  • Games or puzzles that are missing pieces or parts
  • Old prescription glasses, sunglasses, contacts
  • Non-functioning Christmas or other holiday lights and decorations
  • Christmas or birthday cards you’ve enjoyed and are ready to part with
  • Flower vases (Choose one or two and get rid of the rest. Do you really need 7?)
  • Candles that need to be discarded (or melted to make new ones)
  • Paint
  • Unused sporting equipment (tennis racket, fishing pole, rollerblades)
  • Gifts that you don’t use or enjoy
  • Unused picture frames (which are causing clutter in a drawer or closet)
  • Home accessories like coasters, statues or artwork you no longer enjoy
  • Sheets worn out or no longer used, including mismatched pillow cases
  • Tablecloths, napkins and table runners that no longer match your décor or style
  • Old cell phones and chargers
  • Brass polish (do you even own anything brass?) or other household polishes or cleaners you no longer use
  • Cleaning rags and old towels
  • Glue, caulk, putty or any other products that are dried up and unusable
  • Things you intended to return but receipts are lost or expired.