Saying No and Making Room for Rest this Fall


Written by: Ingrid G.
Certified Heart Coach


Can you feel that, friends?

It’s routine and new rhythms headed our way! It’s out with softball, swimming lessons, and days at the pool – and in with school, football practice, dance, church meetings, fall book club, holiday planning… (INSERT DEEP BREATH HERE).

Wait a minute. Who says?!

Who says the start of fall equals a full calendar that shoots us out of a cannon with excitement in September, but leaves us crying and frantically searching for joy come Christmas Eve?! I’m here to tell you – you do.

Not just you. No way girlfriend, you are not alone. I too have looked at my fall calendar in hopes of finding a free spot for apple orchards and rest – only to find practices, meetings, weddings and projects. How can I possibly say no to good things? How can I let this group down? And, most importantly, what is the cost if I don’t?

Let’s be honest and agree it’s not easy.

It’s not easy to prioritize and figure out what is most important in each season. But when we do, when we choose only the things that align with our purpose, our health and our family’s well-being in a given season, we are all better for it.

Raise your hand if you’ve been everything to everyone in a season and it has left you tired, stressed, angry, and unhappy! Yeah, me too. Every time I say no to something and make space on that calendar, more space in my brain and my heart, I say yes to a flourishing that is better for me and everyone around me.

But it is possible!

Shauna Niequist encourages us that it is possible in her new book Present over Perfect. “A friend I don’t know well asked for help with something recently. And all the old impulses kicked in. Of course! I’m your girl! Anything for you! And then I waited and breathed and prayed and waited some more, and then I lovingly, kindly disappointed her, and I’m happy to report we both survived. Baby steps.”

Baby steps to rest and wellbeing, my friends! Happy Fall!