Shame On You: You’ve Been Robbed!

Imagine that when you were a child, your family was robbed.  Obviously that’d be troubling, but today, as an adult, you’d be able to share about that experience without any hesitation.  You’d understand that the robbery wasn’t your fault, nor was it a reflection of who you were.

Yet, in coaching sessions, women struggle when sharing similar experiences. For example, a previous client shared that when a long-time boyfriend was unfaithful and deserted her in college, she believed it was her fault; she began to question what was wrong with her since he left her.

Through some coaching sessions, she recognized the truth; this guy’s unfaithfulness and lack of moral character had nothing to do with who she was.  With that realization, her beliefs about herself changed and she felt tremendous relief!   

In place of the shame and condemnation she’d been carrying around for nearly 30 years, she found empathy for the young college girl she’d been.  Rather than judgment and criticism, she learned the truth and was able to provide the emotional support she’d been missing.

What’s true for this women is also true for you, and me too; it’s not what happened to us, it’s what we came to believe about ourselves, because of what happened – that’s what can keep us stuck, lonely and overwhelmed.

I’ve learned first-hand that when you know the truth, the trust sets you free.  I was set free from the lies that I wasn’t good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, and, that I was too much.  To say it changed my life is an understatement!  In fact, it’s what led me to become an author, speaker and life coach.  How might your life change, by diving into your past and examining your beliefs – about who you are and what you’re capable of?  If you’re ready to discover the truth, and live without the heavy weight of shame and guilt, connect with me to learn how.