Thanks For The Gift

Sally and Ken. They may sound like ordinary names to you, but to me they are two very special people who left an extraordinary impact on my life.

Back in the 1970s, when I was a young adolescent girl, I came to be friends with one of their daughters, Tammy, who was my age. Throughout Junior high and high school I was frequently invited to their apartment to hang out after school or overnight on the weekends.

Tammy’s dad, Ken, was a hard worker who traveled with his job during the week, but was home on the weekend. Ken was always quick to offer his light-hearted humor along with a lot of good common sense. You somehow knew that He had his priorities straight; He knew what was really important in life and never lost focus of that.

Sally, Tammy’s mother, was not only the daily caregiver for their 3 daughters, but also worked full time as a nurse. Despite her full schedule, she was always quick to offer help, grace and compassion to everyone. She also strongly discouraged any judgment or gossip, as she simply didn’t tolerate it -ever. She was such an example of a gentle and kind spirit. The two of them, were a great pair whose personalities and characteristics complemented each other well.

Although I lived with my family in a very large, beautiful home, I was inexplicable drawn to their small apartment. What was always present was what I came to know as the love of God’s presence. It literally filled the atmosphere and drew me back time and time again. It wasn’t that they didn’t have any challenges, but rather, that in the midst of those challenges, there was a constant peace despite any circumstances.

Nearly 25 years later, I tapped into the hole in my heart and consequently, came to know Jesus for myself. Today, 10 years later, I too have come to live with that peace that can only come from residing with Jesus. I am forever grateful for Sally and Ken giving me one of the best gifts of all; providing an example of the love of God, and, for the gift of friendship with their entire family.

How about you? To whom are you grateful for impacting your spiritual journey? Maybe they would enjoy hearing from you.


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