The Connection You’d Never Guess!

Twenty-eight years ago, my husband and I went through one of the toughest challenges we’d experienced at that point in our lives.  We experienced nearly three years of infertility, and unfortunately, no one talked about it; it was as if infertility was a forbidden subject, which left me feeling very lonely. 
I had always pictured a family of four, and two years previously, had given birth to a wonderful little girl.  So we were perplexed why we weren’t able to get pregnant again.  At the same time, it seemed as if everyone I knew was getting pregnant – many, without even trying. 
We experienced a rollercoaster of emotions, getting our hopes up, only to be devastated again and again.  Pills, shots, supplements, charts, appointments, and eventually, surgical procedures; it was emotionally and physically exhausting.  I wondered if our dream would never come true.
Then, on December 20th, 1991, we welcomed our son, John, into the world.  With our daughter, Kristin, (who was 4 ½ then), our family felt complete.
Recently, twenty-eight years later, we attended a good friend’s wedding.  At the reception, I looked across the room and spotted Julie, the woman who had been our infertility nurse.  I practically ran across the room to give her a hug, as she’d been such a significant source of comfort and support throughout those years.  She made a huge difference and it was great to be able to tell her of the impact she’d had.  

Then, the most incredible thing happened; realizing our son was also at the reception, I got to introduce the two of them.  It felt like a scene right out of a movie!  Since we’d often talked with John about what we’d gone through to have him, he understood the connection.  Julie got a charge out of meeting John, and we all marveled at God’s orchestration of our lives.
This picture of the four of us, will always be a reminder of God’s perfect provision.  Sometimes, we get to see the “full circle” of that provision, while other times we might not – at least this side of Heaven.  Regardless, we can be confident that God has good things in store for us.  Our job is to put our faith in Him, and in His timing.  

-Who could you reach out to today, to let them know of the impact they’ve had on your life?