The Debate: Whose Side Are You On?

Last night, the Democratic debate was held in my hometown, Des Moines, Iowa.  Consequently, today, and in the coming weeks, people will undoubtedly be talking about the candidates and which one they’ll choose.  However, have you thought about a more important choice we have – one with much bigger issues at stake?

Imagine that you’re playing in a tennis match.  Although you’ve repeatedly faced the same opponent, you’ve never won.  You’ve been playing the game for years, believing that this opponent was out to beat you.

Then, one day, you realize that you’ve misunderstood the entire game.  You discover that who you thought was your opponent, is actually your greatest fan.  You learn that rather than playing against one another, he’s always wanted the two of you to be on the same team.

In response to his invitation, you choose to walk around the net to his side of the court.  Now, seeing with much greater clarity, you realize it’s God!

Maybe in times when you’ve faced challenges in the “game” of life, you’ve questioned whether God was on your side.  Might you now consider the more important issue…whether you’re on His side

When you choose to be on God’s side, you can live wholeheartedly; you can have a sense of peace, confidence and joy, despite any challenges you may face. In addition, you’ll have the greatest partner of all – one with unlimited strength, talent and resources!

(If you haven’t already done so, choose to be on God’s side.  It’s a choice you’ll never regret!)