The Interior Designer in YOU!

Do you consider yourself an Interior Designer?”  Maybe not, but the truth is we’re all interior designers.  Over the years, you and I have designed our “interior” or inner life.

The foundation of our inner life, is our relationship with ourselves.  In the same way that we’ve chosen furniture for our homes, we’ve chosen furniture for our relationship with ourselves.

That might be a surprise to you, but it’s actually very good news.  Since we were the ones who furnished that relationship,we have the ability to refurnish it.

Maybe you’ve become so accustomed to the old stuff that you overlooking the truth; your “furniture” is outdated, worn out and uncomfortable.

Maybe you’ve become comfortable with your relationship with yourself and are overlooking the emotional stuff that needs to be dealt with.

Ask yourself if you’ve been living with any of the following outdated  “furniture”:

  • Overscheduling yourself (numbing your pain by being busy)
  • Emotionally beating yourself up (being your worst enemy)
  • Spending time with people who are toxic or unhealthy (Not valuing who you are)
  • Not speaking up with your honest thoughts, feelings, wants or needs (Abandoning yourself)

When remodeling your home, an interior designer can help you decide what physical things need to be discarded, rearranged or recovered.  Similarly, a life coach can help you to decide what  emotional things need to be discarded, rearranged or recovered.

With her hep, you might choose new “furnishings” like these:

  • A welcome sign – as a reminder to welcome good things in, and keep bad things out; to guard your heart for it’s the wellspring of life (Proverbs 4:23)
  • A gorgeous rug, allowing you to stand on grace – extending compassion and forgiveness to yourself and to others
  • A comfy chair in which to sit and connect with your thoughts and feelings
  • A beautiful picture – of the amazing woman that God created in YOU!
  • An elegant “light” flooding the room with positive, affirming self-talk

Before making changes to your home, be sure to check in with the one who built it; check in with God and ask for His direction and guidance on remodeling your life.  You can rest assured that His plans are the best, for He’s the ultimate “designer” of your life.

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