The Key To What You’re Searching For

In what area of your life are you feeling frustrated and dissatisfied? In what relationship are you struggling?


For example, are you currently searching for a more rewarding job, a more comfortable place to live or a more fulfilling relationship? Whatever you’re seeking, the key is to put the most effective person in charge of your search.


The following questions can help you to do so:


Who knows what this unknown will involve? Only God.

Who knows what you’ll need to be fully prepared for this unknown? Only God

Who can prepare you for this new territory? Only God.

And, who is always at work on your behalf? That too, is God.


Well-meaning friends, family and others, may have some helpful advice.  However, the one who is the most qualified to help us get what we want, is God – our Creator.


I often imagine God being the manager of my life. I envision Him sitting behind His desk as I enter His office and hand Him a list of my current wants and needs. He then places it in His “in basket” and in theory I leave, trusting that it’s in HIS hands, and I wait.


In reality, there are times when I grow impatient and return to His office, checking the status of my requests.  (You too?) However, not once, has He indicated that He needed my help.  Instead, He confirms the original message:  He’s actively working things out and my job is to continue to wait.


If and when God prompts you to take action, don’t hesitate; do it! Never forget that he is a loving father who gives good gifts to His children – and that includes you and me.


No matter what we’re searching for, we’re wise to trust God to lead the way.

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