The Most Dangerous and Powerful Word In Your Vocabulary

We live in a world where we have connections with many things:  Our phones, laptops or TVs.  Those connections, however, can actually become distractions –ones that lead us to disconnect and live half-heartedly.

When it comes to connections, the word that often gets us in trouble, is “yes.”  When you say “yes” to too many things, or to the wrong things, it can be dangerous.  You can quickly find yourself overscheduled, overcommitted and overtired.

However, “yes” can also be the word that contributes to living wholeheartedly.  It’s when you focus on your true priorities that you experience the most fulfilling connections.

Whatever your priorities are, there’s a simple principle that holds true.  In order for your “yes” to be meaningful, you must learn to say “no” –even to good, worthwhile opportunities (if they don’t align with your top priorities).  In other words, you’ve got to let go of good to make room for great.

Living wholeheartedly requires laser-like-focus.  If you need help to refocus, (as I often do) I’d offer these 4 categories in which your commitments could be sorted:  Eliminate, outsource, automate or concentrate.

Look at your commitments and determine the following:  What isn’t absolutely necessary and can therefore be eliminated?  What can be done by others?  What can be automated so that it requires very little of your time?  Last, but not least, what will you concentrate on?  (At what do you excel that no one else can do?)

Ultimately, when considering a commitment, determine if it’s a wholehearted “YES!”  If not, make it a wholehearted “NO!”

Bottom line:  Be careful how you use the word “yes.”

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