The Search I Couldn’t Resist

I recently returned from a great vacation in Jamaica.  Our accommodations were fabulous, and all our flights were smooth.  However, while waiting for our return flight from Montego Bay, I was selected for a random detailed security check.


The process involved an airport employee taking each item out of my purse, carry-on and luggage. Most of the other people waiting for their bags to be searched, were complaining and obviously uncomfortable with the idea.


I wasn’t the least bit uneasy because I’ve learned that if you have nothing to hide, you can be at peace regardless of any circumstances. I’ve also become comfortable with having my “bags” searched, for it’s similar to the emotional and spiritual decluttering process of the Wholehearted Living program.


From heart coaching for 19 years, I’ve found that the most common thing hidden in women’s bags is guilt or shame.  Unfortunately, we’re often oblivious to the damage of carrying that stuff around.


Did you know that carrying guilt and shame indicates a withholding of forgiveness?  In addition, when we withhold forgiveness from ourselves, it’s nearly impossible to extend it to others.  It’s like being bankrupt yet trying to help others with their finances.  It just doesn’t work.


Anything that causes you guilt and shame should be examined, for those things belong at the feet of Jesus.


Imagine Jesus hanging on the cross, having poured out every single drop of blood so that you and I could be free.  Then imagine that you’re standing in front of Him and saying, “I know you died for peoples’ sins, but this one – this one’s too big.  Plus, I knew better.”


What a kick in the teeth that would be for Jesus.  Instead, He wants you to receive the forgiveness He purchased for you (and at such a high price).  He also wants you to extend forgiveness to others.


Ultimately, having your bags thoroughly searched can result in the confidence to live wholeheartedly – and you deserve nothing less.