The Secret Blessing of “a.s.a.p.”

Today, we can access the internet in seconds or enjoy a microwaved meal and scan a hundred TV channels in minutes.  In fact, it seems that we’ve grown to expect almost everything “a.s.a.p.”


In some situations, that’s a good thing, like getting to the hospital if you’re in labor or finding an exit from a building that’s on fire.  However, when it comes to seeking God’s guidance for our lives, we’re wise to prepare ourselves for a slower approach.


Unlike us, God is never in a hurry – yet He’s always on time.  Therefore, the best approach to life’s challenges and choices is to “always stop and pray.”


If you learn to stop and pray before jumping into something, you can avoid detours that God never intended; you won’t waste your time, energy or money on the wrong things.  (And  what a shame it would be to waste such valuable resources!)


So the next time you want to know what God wants you to do, remember this:  Always stop and pray – and do so as soon as possible! (Colossians 4:2)