The Surprising Truth About You and God

Have you realized that you have a hole in your heart – not a physical one, but an emotional and spiritual hole?  It’s true.  There’s a big place deep within each one of us that we unconsciously strive to fill.

We try working, shopping, eating, drinking or people-pleasing, yet none of those things solve the problem; all of our striving fails to fill the longing deep within our souls. 

Eventually we recognize our need to focus on God, which is great.  However, we can then strive to clean ourselves up and do good things, thinking that our actions are all about God.

Sadly, we deceive ourselves. We volunteer at church, sing in the choir, take meals to the homeless and more, yet underneath, it’s about us. Without even realizing it, our actions are more about the fact that we don’t value or like who we think we are.

The reality, is that until we’re willing to make it about ourselves, we’ll fail to make it about God.

Stick with me for a minute.  If you still don’t like who you are, you can’t be free of yourself to focus on God.  Instead, you’ll be unconsciously consumed with your own insecurities.

In contrast, when you do the work to discover and value the incredible woman that God created in YOU, your newfound confidence will free you to focus on Him

As your Father, He wants you to value yourself – the one He created exactly as He desired.

In addition, He says, “Love your neighbor as yourself.”  Maybe it’s time you learn to love yourself, so you can be on your way to loving God (and others) with all your heart.  That’s what it means to live wholeheartedly.  (Matthew 22:37-39)