The Uncommon Cure for Paralysis

Do you ever feel paralyzed – not physically, but emotionally? If you sometimes feel stuck, emotionally, unable to deal with certain people, please know you’re not alone. Most everyone is at least occasionally at a loss for how to respond in the midst of those challenges.
When you’re in the midst of a conflict or challenge with others, it can be tempting to want to close the door and avoid it altogether. However, Scripture provides a better way to handle the situation; Matthew 7:3 says that we’re to focus on the plank in our own eye, rather than the spec of sawdust in the eye of others. In other words, we’re wise not to blame others and instead, look at how we’ve contributed to the circumstances.
The truth is that our own thoughts can paralyze us more than anything else. Think about it. Everything starts with a thought.
Our feelings start with a thought.
Our actions start with a thought.
Our results start with a thought.
Knowing the importance of our thoughts, we’re wise to get a coach or counselor to help us sort through them – especially those that are paralyzing. Then, rather than being a victim of our thoughts, we can become victorious; rather than being caught off guard by our thoughts, we can intentionally choose the ones to hang on to.
Thoughts that are negative, critical or not based on facts, can be considered unwanted guests in our home; although they may come knocking at our door, we don’t have to invite them in.
We’re wise to choose our thoughts carefully, for they determine the results we live with. (Philippians 4:8)