Two “C’s” That Can Help You Handle Covid and Other Challenges

Let’s face it. Things are challenging right now. Covid cases are at an all-time-high, and thanks to daylight savings time, it’s getting dark much earlier. And, I’m struggling with the recent loss of my husband (due to pancreatic cancer).


Challenges like these can be extremely draining. However, I’ve discovered a secret that can help to reduce the impact of trying times; aside from the obvious, which is my faith, I’m finding that being creative – and celebrating, can be really helpful.


For example, recently, I got creative and prepared a Covid-friendly place for socializing; I painted the interior of my garage, brought in a rug, our patio furniture and some lights. Then, I invited a couple of friends over for a socially distanced cup of coffee (while keeping the garage door up for plenty of fresh air).


I’m also learning to make a celebration out of even the smallest of things. Like Sunday, when season 5 of “The Crown” was released. My daughter and I had a cup of our favorite tea and crumpets (lol) and wore our crowns as we binge-watched six episodes. Are you shocked? That we watched 6 episodes, or that we both had a crown?!  (Hers was from being Homecoming queen many years ago – which I kept, since I’m her mom – and mine was given to me by good friends, at my 60th birthday party last year.)


Finally, Thanksgiving will be quite different this year; I’ll forgo the traditions of hosting 21 for dinner, and making our pilgrim hats. Instead, I’ll find a creative way to show thanks for my blessings – and, I’ll celebrate the love of my life, who made every day feel like a holiday.


Regardless of what’s going on, how can you be creative and celebrate something every day? I’d love to hear your ideas!

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