What Are You Doing on the Titanic?

Are you currently ignoring signs of trouble in your relationships? Are you busy rearranging the “deck chairs,” trying to make things look good rather than dealing with the reality of a sinking ship?

For example, are you ignoring an unhealthy or toxic relationship with yourself? Since that’s the foundation for ALL your other relationships, maybe it’s time to get in the life boat and give that some much needed attention.

What about your relationship with God? Are you ignoring that, allowing it to become dull and meaningless? If so, maybe it’s time to put on a life vest and rescue that relationship.

If you’re already in the lifeboat are you formulating a plan once you get safely to shore? For example, are you making changes to bring your calendar into alignment with your true priorities? Or, are you acting as if you’re handcuffed to your schedule?

In addition, once you’re on shore, are you providing encouragement to those who are still in the “boat” – without trying to be a savior to anyone, since that job’s already taken. 🙂

The truth is that you get to choose what relationships are a priority. However, don’t wait for a Titanic catastrophe; rescue your priorities now, before they sink!

Question to ponder: What relationships are a priority for you? What priorities does your calendar reflect?