What Do YOU Bring To a Party?

When you go to a party or other special event, what do you most often bring? Not your favorite side dish or the perfect hostess gift, but when you go somewhere what shows up?

Some people are naturally upbeat, fun-loving and lively people. They often bring a bit of zest to an occasion. They’re also encouraging and entertaining, so they bring the “FUN” to any function they attend.

Other people are logical and focus on the details. They believe a plan is crucial to success, and they believe in quality over quantity. Therefore, these people bring consistency, dependability and accuracy to anything they’re part of.

Still other people are wired to take action and get results. They’re known for their perseverance and pushing things across the finish line – usually, as quickly as possible! These people bring energy and intensity wherever they go.

Others are naturally concerned with peace and try to avoid conflict at all cost. When they go to an event, they bring warmth, kindness and a genuine concern for others. They also bring a calmer, gentler approach to anything they’re part of.

No matter where you’re going, what you bring is a gift from God. He created you exactly as He desired, and it’s His hope that you’ll learn to LIKE and value who you are. When you do, you’ll show up with confidence in who you are; you’ll no longer need to make excuses or apologies – and those don’t belong at any party.